At Faith Christian School, we believe that the primary objective of education is the communication of truth. In order for any education to be effective and valid, it must base its curriculum and its programs on the truth of God’s Word and God’s world.

Our Kindergarten Program provides your child with basic learning principles needed for a solid foundation. We utilize A Beka curriculum, Saxon Math, Handwriting Without Tears, and a variety of supplemental books and materials along with manipulative toys and games to enrich your child’s learning experience. Kindergarten students are included in the annual Terra Nova Achievement Testing.

Traditional Half-Day Morning Kindergarten (8:00 – 12noon)
Optional Full-Day Kindergarten (8:00 – 3:00)

Program Highlights:
Language Arts
FCSsmlogoPhonetic Learning Approach
FCSsmlogoBeginning Writing Skills
FCSsmlogoSpeech Development
FCSsmlogoWeekly Library Visits
FCSsmlogoSearch and Teach Program ~ (Students are tested in October for visual and auditory skills essential for reading and writing. Individual instruction is given when needed to develop these skills.)

FCSsmlogoOrdinal Numbers and Number Concepts
FCSsmlogoBeginning Addition and Subtraction
FCSsmlogoMoney and Telling Time
FCSsmlogoManipulatives and Daily Worksheets

FCSsmlogoWeekly Chapel Services and Worship
FCSsmlogoBible Memory Verses
FCSsmlogoStudy of the Love and Goodness of God
FCSsmlogoGod’s Plan as Shown Through the Lives of Old Testament People
FCSsmlogoRecognition of God’s Work and Plan in Our Lives

Art, Music, and PE
FCSsmlogoWeekly Art Class
FCSsmlogoWeekly Music Class (introduction to songs, rhythms and instruments)
FCSsmlogoDaily 20 Minute Gym Class ~ (Gross motor skills, spatial relationships, and body awareness development)

Special Events/Field Trips
FCSsmlogoGrandparents Day
FCSsmlogoTeddy Bear Day
FCSsmlogoFestival of Praise Chapel
FCSsmlogoPatriotic Week & Great Americans Day Chapel
FCSsmlogoField Trips

Optional Full-Day Program Highlights:
Social Studies
FCSsmlogoSelf, Community, State, Country and Global Awareness
FCSsmlogo“Trip Around the World” Project

FCSsmlogoWeather and Seasons
FCSsmlogoThe Five Senses
FCSsmlogoAnimals and Their Habitats
FCSsmlogoPlant Life and Environmental Awareness

FCSsmlogoField Trips and Guest Speakers to Enhance Social Studies & Science

FCSsmlogoRest Time, Snack Time, & Recess

Expanded Hands-on Centers
FCSsmlogoLearn Pads
FCSsmlogoAdditional Art Projects
FCSsmlogoEnhanced Reading Center
FCSsmlogoMath and Language Games