Admissions Costs

Tuition Information

  • 2022-2023 Tuition and Fees Information (link HERE).
  • Information regarding the FCS Tuition Assistance Application Process (link HERE). 
  • Wisconsin State Tax Deduction from DOR Private School Tuition ( link HERE).
  • Paying through a 529 Plan – Details & Information : Edvest College Savings Plan (link HERE).

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

  • Information regarding the FCS Board’s decision to join the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (link HERE).
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice Program information page on Department of Public Instruction’s website (link HERE).
  • Steps to attend FCS as a part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program:
    • Tour Faith Christian School: schedule a personalized tour with the Head of School by calling 262.245.9404 or by emailing
    • Open an FCS Application Account (link HERE)
    • Apply for the WPCP through the DPI (link HERE)
    • Receive confirmation from FCS that DPI has accepted the financial and residential verifications. 
    • Complete the Faith Christian School admissions application and process ($45 fee will be waived in the system).
    • Await acceptance or denial confirmation into the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program from the DPI, typically late April to early May.


We appreciate the time you are about to invest and look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the admissions office at (262) 245-9404, ext 1 or email our Admissions Director.