Athletics Philosophy

Our Athletics Philosophy

Shepherding each individual to their athletic potential is an integral part of our educational program. The participation in FCS athletics is about far more than physical challenges and accomplishments. It is about using the vehicle of athletics to discover one’s true identity in Jesus Christ and to be made “mature, and complete, not lacking anything”(James 1:4)  as a result of these very tangible opportunities.

We see the Faith Christian School values of love, learn, and lead very applicable to the court/field and we hope that each athlete is able to grow in these areas as follows.

Love – We are devoted to teaching our athletes how to not only show a love for the sport they are participating in but love for God, each other, coaches, officials, and opponents.

Learn – We desire to provide an opportunity for athletes to learn and grow the skills needed to be successful in their sport, but all in life skills such as, hard-work and time management.

Lead – We are committed to raising up leaders at all levels who can physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lead others during games and practices.

When a student participates in a sports activity the benefits to the student are substantial. Check out the information in the links at the bottom of this page to understand how important participation in sports truly is for your student.

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