Admissions Criteria

Admissions Criteria

Faith Academics Each student gives evidence of a commitment to the learning process based on: School Partnership Parent and Student Handbook

High School

We are proud to shape the leaders of tomorrow, instilling qualities that will serve them for a lifetime. We are intentional in offering multiple avenues to help our students grow spiritually and academically. We offer a rigorous academic program which includes Advanced Placement® (AP) courses. Eagle graduates are ready to apply their knowledge and Christian … Read more

Middle School

As middle school students transition into young adulthood, it is a vital time to reinforce their Christian convictions. A wide array of activities and electives are available to help students find their passion including athletics, fine arts, foreign languages, and community service.


Our elementary program stimulates the minds and curiosity of our students while strengthening them as disciples of Jesus Christ. They’ll receive a strong foundation for academic success while instilling in each student the truth of life and learning provided to us in God’s Word. Faith Christian School (FCS) competes as a member school of the … Read more


PreK Teachers Our Daily Schedule Include

Middle School

Athletics gives students benefits beyond the mental and physical health. Athletic competition is an excellent vehicle to develop discipline, teamwork, and leadership as well as strong, healthy bodies. By participating in a sport students will grow spiritually as they understand the concepts of working together in the Body of Christ. Students gain an understanding of … Read more

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation is at the core of all we do here at Faith Christian School (FCS). Our mission is to lovingly train our students as disciples of Jesus Christ for a life of influence. That happens in the classroom, on the sports field/court, through chapels, and it happens when a student doesn’t make the right … Read more

Academic Profile

Faith Christian School (FCS) is committed to pursuing academic excellence. Founded in 1981, Faith Christian School is a PreK-12th grade independent, non-denominational, Christian school in Williams Bay, WI, a beautiful village on the shores of Geneva Lake in Walworth County. Faith Christian Schools’ mission is to lovingly train our students as disciples of Jesus Christ … Read more


Faith Christian School provides a comprehensive Pre-K through 12th grade Christian educational experience in which the love of Christ, the love of learning, and a commitment to leading others to Jesus are our passion.

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