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Orton Gillingham

The Orton Gillingham Approach is an individualized program that helps students who are having difficulty in the areas of reading and spelling develop an understanding of how our language works.

The Orton Gillingham program teaches children sounds, rules and strategies to help better understand language in the areas of reading and spelling and penmanship difficulties such as dyslexia. It is intended for students of all grades regardless of reading level.

Each new multi sensory learning session has students discovering an understanding of how our language works.


There is no additional cost for students who receive services throughout the school day.

Brainspring explains Multi-Sensory Teaching and The Orton Gillingham method.


Joy Asta

Joy Asta

Reading Specialist

Joy Asta has a B.S. Elementary Ed., 1-8, UW, Whitewater; IMSLEC (International Multi-sensory Language Educational Council) certified in Orton Gillingham approach and level 2 NILD (National Institute of Learning Development). Joy is the Director of Student Support and a member of the FCS Supportive Services team.

Search & Teach

Search and Teach is an early educational program for young learners that provides training in the essential skills of reading. Search is the tool used to assess a student’s strengths and deficits in readiness for reading and the language arts. The test is given early in the fall to all kindergarten and new incoming first grade students.

Teach is the instructional plan that allows the instructor to develop an individualized program of educational activities for students who have been identified with specific needs. Each student receives one to three 20 minute sessions of direct or small group instruction based upon students assessed needs. These needs are reassessed each school year. At the end of the school year an evaluation will be written on the student’s progress. Based upon the report and with the collaboration of the coordinator, instructor and classroom teacher, recommendations will be made for the following year.

About The Program

The program is based on extensive interdisciplinary research on the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders. Search  & Teach was developed by Archie A. Silver, MD and Rosa A. Hagin, PhD and the staff of the Learning Disorders Unit at New York University School of Medicine.  The program was introduced into the kindergarten program at Faith Christian School in 2001. The testing is administered by the program coordinator.  The individualized Teach component will be based upon Search scores and input of the classroom teacher.


Currently there is no charge for this program.

SEARCH Components and their relationship to reading

Visual Discrimination & Memory Skills: Sight words, orientation of letters and handwriting
Visual Motor Skills: Sight words
Designs: Handwriting
Auditory Discrimination Skills: Word attack and sounds of letters
Sequencing Skills: Contributes to comprehension and directionality
Articulation: Word attack and sounds of letters
Directionality: Orientation and left/right directionality
Finger Schema: Motor tasks underlying other modalities
Praxis: Handwriting


Dani Sayles

Dani Sayles


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