Middle School

Middle School is an exciting time and plays a significant role in shaping your child’s character. The daily environment you choose to place your child in will have a profound impact on their growth — physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. 

Your pre-teen is entering some of the most formative years of their life as they build on their foundation from Elementary School and prepare for High School. This transitions into young adulthood, it is a vital time to reinforce their Christian convictions. Faith Christian School trains students as disciples of Jesus Christ, for a life of influence. We provide discipleship and leadership training, biblically based academics and activities that grow the whole student.

Our middle school program is designed to provide a nurturing and academically rigorous environment where students deepen their understanding of God’s word. Through a curriculum that is rooted in a Biblical worldview, our faculty guides students in applying God’s truths to daily life, fostering spiritual growth and character development.  We prioritize creating a community where students learn to live in harmony with one another, navigating early adolescence with the guidance of Christ-like values. Our goal is to empower middle school students to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, well-prepared for a life of positive influence in both academics and in building strong, supportive communities.


At Faith Christian School, Spiritual Formation stands as the foundation of our endeavors. Our overarching mission is to compassionately educate our students as devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, preparing them for a life of positive influence. This transformative process unfolds not only within the classroom and on sports fields or courts but also during chapel sessions. It extends to moments where a student, facing the consequences of a less-than-ideal choice, is held accountable and subsequently undergoes a process of restoration with those they may have affected.


Our secondary students have a separate chapel from our elementary to provide age-appropriate, timely, and engaging teachings. Our student-led worship team kicks off each chapel with songs of praise and worship followed by a message from God’s Word.


Spiritual Formation Week is an annual event designed to inspire students to deepen their relationship with Christ, making Him the central focus of their lives. The week features guest speakers, prayer sessions, worship, scripture study, service activities, and spiritual direction.

FCS firmly believes that a strong Christian foundation is essential for our students’ future leadership and impact in their communities and the world. In collaboration with parents, our aim is to support the ongoing development of this Christian foundation, enabling students to thrive academically and spiritually.


Our secondary students take trips designed to help them grow spiritually and relationally. We partner with Christian camps for day trips to help our students understand God in His creation better and how to worship Him in response. During our day trips, students have the opportunity to hear from a guest speaker, and get out of their comfort zone with outdoor activities that push their physical and mental abilities, as well as small group and personal reflection times.

As our students get older, those trips become overnight stays with more focus and challenge. Our 8th graders go on a 3-day overnight trip to celebrate what God has done in this season of their lives and to acknowledge and prepare for what’s to come as they prepare for high school.

Each trip builds upon the next equipping our students to step into leadership with a servant’s heart. Through these growth opportunities, our goal is to prepare students to LEAD; to be leaders among their peers, in their homes, communities, and eventually in their workplaces as God calls them.


A short amount of time is set apart each day for Eagle Time. Secondary students are divided by house groups with student leaders and staff mentors. These groups are paired with our three guiding values of Love, Learn, and Lead, and are named after our character awards: Barnabas, Peter, and Nehemiah.

Eagle Time is different each day but consistent from week to week. Every Monday students spend time in their House Groups going through character building study. Tuesdays students spend time doing academic touchpoints, Wednesdays students take turns leading devotionals for their fellow students, Thursdays we have Chapel for an extended period of time, and Fridays our Middle School and High School students take time to continue in their student led chapel small groups to further unpack what was discussed in Chapel the day before. 

House Groups also are responsible for planning for one Chapel a school year, and they determine who we’ll serve during our FCS Cares Days in the Fall and Spring Semesters. In all, it’s our hope that these House Groups at FCS will foster a deeper FAITH in Jesus, create opportunities for DISCIPLESHIP, and cultivate LEADERSHIP in our secondary students. 


Special events

The Athletic Banquet is an opportunity for student athletes to gather with teammates, family, coaches and friends to celebrate their athletic accomplishments. These banquets happen seasonally as the season comes to a close.

Academic Awards Night is an end of the year evening event to recognize individuals who have shown exemplary academic success and exemplary character.

Getting INvolved

Team Sports are one of the key components of a comprehensive Christ-Centered Education at Faith Christian School. It is an opportunity to develop character that prepares students physically, emotionally, and spiritually as part of the overall discipleship process.

Theatre includes every student no matter what his or her ability. There is a wide range of areas a student can get involved: acting, singing, technical, set building, and hair and make-up.

Worship Arts is a student led worship team. Members lead worship at every capacity during weekly chapels including music, lighting, audio tech support, and visual tech support. Not all worship members are musicians.


Leadership is servanthood and starts internally. A person with the right character and mindset will serve those around them. A servant attitude demonstrates internal change has taken place. We provide many opportunities throughout the year where they can service their school and greater community.

Christ himself gave the directive to serve others as He has served us (John 13:14-15). With the deep conviction that service is an integral part of the life of any believer in Christ our middle school students are required to complete 15 hours each year.

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