Philosophy of Christ-Centered Education

Faith Christian School seeks to provide a comprehensive Christian education that equips students to discover truth through the lens of Scripture, develop their potential for further educational pursuits, and conform to the image of Christ.

The philosophy of education at Faith Christian School originates in a deeply held belief in the Divine inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture and the superiority of its teachings to the wisdom of men. We stand without reservation on the absolutes of the Holy Bible and seek to interpret all of life and learning from the basis of the principles set forth in God’s Word. Our faith, therefore, is in God; our hope, in His Son, Jesus Christ; and our trust, in His Word as the Holy Spirit guides us to the knowledge and understanding of truth.

These convictions provide the framework for our entire educational program. Everything we do as an institution, no matter how great or small, must be consistent with these foundational beliefs.

As we undertake the task of educating young persons at Faith Christian School, we fundamentally believe that man has been uniquely created by God in His image and that all meaning and purpose in our lives, therefore, is derived from Him. Yet, because of our sinfulness, we are unable to please God apart from our salvation through personal belief in His Son, Jesus Christ, and the regeneration of our lives by the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, we believe that God created all things and that all truth is ultimately God’s truth. Thus, the pathway to true knowledge and wisdom is found only in the interpretation of facts in the light of God’s purposes in creation and providence. Education which either denies or ignores God is neither God-honoring nor adequate to reveal absolute and complete truth.

Our convictions are equally operative in the methods with which we conduct the overall Faith Christian School program. From the establishment of board policies to the hiring of personnel; from the recruitment of students to the selection and development of curriculum, we prayerfully plan and execute each phase of our program to be in agreement with our foundational beliefs. The educational process at our school involves much more than the presentation of a Bible-enriched curriculum to our students. It is a process in which the Word of God governs and informs every subject, every activity, every idea we employ.

We view our ultimate purpose as assisting parents in the training of their children to be effective Christians in today’s world by developing within each student a discerning Christian mind. This, we believe, will not only enable the young person to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at an early age, but it will also, in concert with the instruction he receives at home and in the church, prepare him to serve the Lord faithfully and boldly in his chosen calling by teaching him to consistently choose to live his life in accordance with God’s Word.

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