With a wide variety of sports offered from grades 6-12, there is a place for every student within Faith Christian School athletics. We are focused on shepherding each individual to their athletic potential. The participation in FCS athletics is about far more than physical challenges and accomplishments. It is about using the vehicle of athletics to discover one’s true identity in Jesus Christ and to be made “mature, and complete, not lacking anything”(James 1:4) as a result of these very tangible opportunities.

Athletics is one of the key components of a comprehensive Christ-Centered education at Faith Christian School. It is an opportunity to develop character that will prepare students physically, emotionally, and spiritually as part of the overall discipleship process. The purpose of this athletic program is to offer interscholastic sports which encourage our students to develop skills, responsibilities, commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

82% of our High School students participate in athletics
56% High School Multi-Sport Athletes
2% High School 3-Sport Athletes

60% of our Middle School students participate in athletics
35% Middle School Multi-Sport Athletes

Athletic Director


Melissa graduated with a B.A. in Geography at the University of New Mexico and continued her schooling at the University of Northern Colorado, earning a M.S. in Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration. She has a wide range of experience working in the sports industry for over 10 years. She has worked with youth athletes as well as Olympic/Paralympic and UFC athletes. She played volleyball, basketball, and ran track & field at a small Christian school in New Mexico where she also coached all three sports while in college. Her husband is a pastor at Lakeland Community Church and they raise their two daughters and son together.

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